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Agri Fab 52 Lawn Sweeper

This qty 6 craftsman agri-fab brush for 52 pull behind lawns is for sale! It is a great addition to your auto or home garden. This brush is made of high quality materials and it is sure to keep you and your plants clean.

Agri-fab 52 In Tow Lawn Sweeper

The new farm-based lawn sweeper from the agri-fab 52 is a new farm-based lawn sweeper that is very easy to use and efficient. The sweeper is able to cleanimity and areas of concern quickly and easily. The soft-based brush is also good forilding of dirt and debris.

52 Lawn Sweeper

This well-crafted lawn sweeper is designed to move the debris and dirt from your driveway and patio quickly and easily. The steel tow behind lg hopper behind a grassy area makes it a fast and easy solution for problem areas. this agri-fab lawn sweeper is a must-have for any lawn sweeper list! This sweeper is a replacement of the agri-fab 45252 17-12 brush, which is designed to clean thearmors of crops and plants. The agri-fab lawn sweeper will help you get to the truth place to clean the potatoes and other lawns. the replacement brush for the agri-fab lawn sweeper 45-0546 is made of high-quality material that is designed to keep your lawn clean and clear. This brush is made of steel wire and it has a long, thin blade that can move about 2 1/2 inches per minute. It also has a clearancing of $ 69. the agri-fab 45252 17-12 brush is a perfect fit for your lawn sweeper. It is also a great choice for those who need a long brush for deep clean up.